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I became momentarily mesmerized by those light brown glass globes with which he was using to attempt some social connection.

I was not falling for it, I had told myself but it was too late.

I handed the pillow to my ‘rican friend next to me but he protested. I put the pillow against the wall and pushed his head back into it. My boy’s hand was now against my bare belly and his had made its way inside my sweats, in fact I could tell it was right my airstrip.I, too, though was feeling his treasure trail against my cheek and when I looked forward I could see down into his loose jeans and the tip of his cock was sticking out from the top his shorts.I don’t think he had an erection but he wasn’t soft either and it was so close to my mouth that if it grew any more than an inch, it would be right at my lips.“You can have the seat next to the window.” I said to him as if he were a child. He sat, got comfortable and like a child smiled and glared out of the window.Consistently he would point out the window and I found myself pronouncing things for him as he pointed them out while the bus began to pull out of the depot and down the street.

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